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Proposal Details

Proposal ID15
ProposalEndorsement: Measure R, Los Angeles County
PresenterMike Feinstein, Linda Piera-Avila
Floor ManagerAjay Rai
Discussion02/03/2020 - 02/04/2020
Voting02/05/2020 - 02/09/2020
Presens Quorum6 0.5001
Consens Quorum0 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


GPLAC Bylaws 5-2.10 Ballot Measures provide that one of the duties and responsibilities of the County Council is to “Endorse or oppose ballot measures appearing on the ballot in Los Angeles County.”

Measure R will be on the March 3, 2020 California primary election ballot

Measure R Summary:

Measure R Proposed Text:

According to its sponsors, which include Black Lives Matters, Measure R is designed to address these three issues:

• Over incarceration of people who suffer from mental illness. LA County’s current practice prioritizes incarceration over treatment and perpetuates cycles of instability and homelessness.

• Substandard mental health care in jails, which results in jail based violence and self-harm.

• Lack of Accountability and Oversight of the Sheriff’s Department compromises the safety of people held in the jails and protects deputy corruption.

According to its sponsors, if passed Measure R would provide funding to invest in rehabilitation and mental health serves, helping to reduce the jail population of the mentally ill, and save taxpayers millions of dollars a year in the process. Measure R is also designed to rout out corruption to prevent abuses by the Jails and Sheriff’s Department.


That the GPLAC endorse Measure R, publicize the GPLAC position via email to GPLAC members in Los Angeles County and via the GPLAC web site and social media




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