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Green Party opposes warehouse EIR on former South Central Farm land

July 14, 2016

To:  Jenna Monterrosa and William Lamborn, Planning Department
CC: Mayor Eric Garcetti, Council member Curren Price, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Dear Ms. Monterrosa and Mr. Lamborn:

The Green Party of Los Angeles County opposes approval of the Final EIR for the warehouse project proposed at 4015 S. Alameda by the PIMA corporation, for the following deficiencies:

1. Truck trips

The Final EIR does not address how the stated lower limit of 75 proposed truck trips (down from 264 despite a larger operational footprint) are to be allocated among the four members of PIMA and their prospective tenants, nor does it address the mechanism for evaluating future compliance with the stated 75 truck trip limit, nor does it address consequences to the developer for violating these terms of the FEIR.

2. Roadways

The Final EIR does not address the method of transfer of former roadways on the property which amount to 15% of the parcel.  This includes 40th Pl. which bisects the land. Railroads, the MTA, the Alameda Corridor Authority, the Port of Los Angeles, LA DWP and California all have interests yet the FEIR shows no consultation with them. 

3. Green space alternative

The Final EIR did not consider the submitted alternative to create a community food hub, proposed by the South Central Farmers. This alternative addresses the community needs for green space, "project objectives" of local job creation, and access points for local, healthy, fresh produce to enter South LA and the larger LA community.

The City of Los Angeles has an opportunity to show civic leadership and political will by facilitating this community based solution in creating green, sustainable jobs that serve both the local community and the region in an area that is historically underserved in open space per capita. 

For more on this open space, green alternative (and the related deficiencies in the FEIR), please see "Expo Line and the South Central Farm" by GPLAC County Councilmember Mike Feinstein .

On behalf of the County Council of the Green Party of Los Angeles County,

Thank you for your consideration of our concerns.

Linda Piera-Avila
County Councilmember, Green Party of Los Angeles County




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