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GPLAC Candidate Questionnaire - Los Angeles City Council District 4 (March 3, 2020 election)

Dear Los Angeles District 4 City Council candidate

There are a range of important issues in this election -- and many questionnaires to respond to.  As Greens, our party is often excluded from fair representation because of the nature of the U.S. single-seat, winner-take-all electoral system.  As a result, while we care about a range of issues, we often focus on issues of fair representation and electoral reform in our questionnaires.

We look forward to your responses. We will publish them on our website and social media, and email them to our members in your district before the March 3, 2020 election.

Elections and Fair Representation

• How will you engage residents and ensure their voices are heard in the city's policy making process?

• What is your position on the size of the Los Angeles City Council and the use of ranked-choice voting for Los Angeles City Council elections?  Please include a response to the Green Party's positions on these issues: and

• How well are Neighborhood Councils working?  How might their role be improved?  Do you see a role for Neighborhood Councils in conducting City Council candidate forums, as has been advocated by Common Cause

• What is your stance on city councilmembers accepting money from developers and companies who frequently have business before the council? Did the ordinance the City Council approved in 2019 go far enough? How do you stand on the issue of behested payments?  Is the Los Angeles system of public financing of elections sufficient or could it be improved - and if so, how?

Public Bank

• How do you envision the public process to occur in determining how the Los Angeles Public Bank will be established? What values do you believe should be embedded in the bank once established?

Housing, Transit, Planning and Development

• What are the causes of LA's homeless crisis? How will you ensure that Los Angeles provides adequate housing options for residents and families of all income levels? What are the causes of gentrification and how can future growth be achieved without undermining existing residents and communities?

• What was your position, if any, on state bills SB 50 in 2019 and SB 827 in 2018?  Do you believe state legislation is necessary to help California cities address the state housing crisis. If so, what kind?

• What was your position, if any, on Measure S in Los Angeles in 2017?  The Green Party position was to oppose (

• Regional land use and transportation planning is critical to liveabilty in Southern California. Yet the City of Los Angeles has not always vigorously participated in the Southern California Assocation of Governments (SCAG). How do you see the role of the City of Los Angeles in SCAG?

• As Los Angeles densifies by building more housing, the need for more open and green spaces increases. The Green Party views the sale of the South Central Farm land back to the prior landowner - and the subsequent approval by the City Council of a wherehouse on its site -- as a loss of historic proportion to the community and to the nation as an example of community-based urban agriculture. How would you ensure that new community-based urban agriculture sites can established and maintained?

• What do you see the role of the City of Los Angeles in the long term re-purposing of the Los Angeles River; how can this occur without gentifying away existing residents and communities?

• How can planning for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles lead to increasing the long-term quality of life for residents and not lead to disruption and displacement of the most vulnerable?

• Progress on Vision Zero and cycling safety appears to have stalled.  What is your plan for increasing cycling use and safety in Los Angeles?

Climate Change

• What does a 'Green New Deal' mean to you on the City of Los Angeles level - and how would you realize it?

• What will you do to preserve, protect and grow LA's tree canopy? 


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