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LA Electoral Reform Questionnare to LA Mayor and City Council candidates

The Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC) believes the electoral system used in Los Angeles is highly problematic in several ways, as explained in this op-ed.

For this reason, the GPLAC sent an electoral reform questionnaire to all candidates running for Los Angeles Mayor and City Council in June 2022 elections.

The questionnaire asked candidates whether the size of the LA City Council should be enlarged, whether there should be single-seat or multi-seat districts, and whether ranked-choice voting should be used to elect the City Council; about the California Voting Rights Act; establishing an independent redistricting commission, convening a charter review commission to consider election-related reforms to the City Charter; and reform of the initiative, referendum and recall processes in Los Angeles.

The following candidates returned responses to the questionnaire. You can read their responses here:


Alex Gruenenfelder SmithQuestionnaire Response

Jesse Forte Questionnaire Response

Mel WilsonQuestionnaire Response

City Council

Elisa Avalos, District 7 • Questionnaire Response

Dulce Vasquez, District 9 • Questionnaire Response

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