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Green Party Voter Guide - candidates and ballot measures for Los Angeles County Spring 2017 elections

Endorsed candidates - April 4: Kenneth Mejia (US Congress, District 34, Los Angeles) March 7 Adriana Cabrera (Los Angeles City Council, District 9) Jessica Salans (Los Angeles City Council, District 13) Tyler Morrison (South Gate City Council)
Ballot Measures - City of Los Angeles March 7, 2017 election
Measure M: Endorse / Measure S: Oppose

Resolution that Los Angeles City, School District and Community College elections should be elected by ranked choice voting

The Green Party supports ranked choice voting to elect the Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Mayor, Controller, City Attorney, School Board and Community College Board

Resolution regarding increasing the size of the Los Angeles City Council

The Green Party of Los Angeles County supports a substantial increase in the size of the Los Angeles City Council, with study and consideration of per capita ratios of representation comparable to San Jose and San Francisco, leading to a City Council of up to potentially up to a similar size as Chicago and New York, and with study and consideration of both multi-seat and single-seat districts with ranked choice voting

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