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About the Green Party of Los Angeles County

The Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC) is the county organization of the Green Party of California -- and represents the largest county group of registered Greens in California, approximately 22,000. This is more than in any state in the nation, with the exception of Maine, New York and California itself.

The GPLAC endorses candidates and takes positions on ballot measures within the county, organizes around issues, and supports the development of Green candidates and Green local groups - all based upon the GPCA platform and Ten Key Values - applying them to issues in local communities.

The governing body of the GPLAC is the County Council, elected by registered Greens every four years in the March presidential primary. The County Council represents the GPLAC within LA County, and selects county representation to the state Green Party (GPCA).

Some of the longest running GPLAC issue-based campaigns have been to Save All of the Ballona Wetlands (since 1994) and to preserve/restore the South Central Farm (since 2005). The GPLAC also played a key organzing role in the 1996 Green presidential convention at UCLA and the D2KLA events during the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles.

The GPCA is a member state party of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). The GPUS is a member national party of the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de Las Americas and of the Global Greens.

Follow the Green Party on Social Media: Twitter (countystate) and Facebook (county pagecounty groupstate pagestate group). Join the GPLAC Forum email list (Green Party members in LA County only).

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Green Party of Los Angeles County
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