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Green Party Voter Guide - Spring 2019 elections

The Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC) organizes based upon the GPCA platform and Ten Key Values - applying that platform and those values to issues in our local communities.  We take positions on individual issues, as well as make endorsements of candidates and ballot meaures in LA County.

Ballot Measures in spring 2019 elections in Los Angeles County

Endorse - Measure EE, Quality Teacher, Class Size Reduction and Local School Safety Measure, Los Angeles - June 4 regular election (

Candidates in spring 2019 elections in Los Angeles County

Support* - Lorraine Lundquist, City Council Distict 12, Los Angeles - June 4 regular election (
Endorse - Hugh Moore, Area 2 Resident Representative - Seat 2 (Group B), United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Community Neighborhood Council - June 15 regular election
Endorse - Derek Iversen, Resident District 5, Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles - May 16 regular election
Endorse - Carl Petersen, Resident Boardmember, Northridge East Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles - May 4 regular election
Endorse - Danielle Mead, Vice President, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles - March 31 regular election
Endorse - Cesar Flores, District 33, State Senate - March 26th special election

* GPLAC Bylaws 5-2.9(c) provide for endorsing Green Party members who are candidates for public office and make a statement of support for candidates for public office who are not Green Party members.  In this case, Lorraine Lundquist is a registered Democrat so she has received the GPLAC's support.


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