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Issues, Policies, Legislation

The Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC) organizes based upon the GPCA platform and Ten Key Values and applies them to our local communities.  In addition the GPLAC takes positions on individual issues within Los Angeles County, as well as positions on proposed legislation in Los Angeles County and statewide.  


Green Party of Los Angeles County Statement on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals); November 2017
Declaración del Partido Verde del Condado de Los Angeles sobre DACA (Acción Diferida para Llegadas en la Infancia); Noviembre 2017

Green Party endorses ballot measure to overturn Top Two elections; November 2017

Green Party of Los Angeles County Calls for President to Release Tax Returns, Congress to Explore President’s Conflicts of Interest; March 2017

Resolution that Los Angeles City, School District and Community College elections should be elected by ranked choice voting; Nov 2016
Resolution regarding increasing the size of the Los Angeles City Council; Nov 2016

Some of the longest running GPLAC issue-based campaigns have been to Save All of the Ballona Wetlands (since 1994) and to preserve/restore the South Central Farm (since 2005). The GPLAC also played a key organzing role in the 1996 Green presidential convention at UCLA and the D2KLA events during the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles.

California State Legislation - 2019

Endorse SB 505 - Presidential primary elections

Background: SB 505 ( would provide objective and realizable criteria and standards for primary election ballot access for candidates seeking the presidential nomination of the Green Party of the United States and other smaller ballot qualified parties in California like the Libertarian and the Peace & Freedom Parties; the bill amended in positive way after originally not providing realizable criteria and standards. 

Endorse AB 392 - Peace officers: deadly force

Background: AB 392 is a state bill co-sponsored by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, that aims to reduce the use of deadly force at the hands of law enforcement by promoting sane and reasonable alternatives where possible ( The Green Party already holds applicable key values like Non-Violence and Social Justice.  Here are further arguments in more depth to endorse (Since originally endorsing the AB 392, the bill has been amended to be less strong, leading to Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles to withdraw their support, but not oppose.)

Endorse SB 212 - Elections: local voting methods

Background: The Green Party of Calfornia platform supports the use of ranked-choice voting ( and the GPLAC has taken a public position that the City of Los Angeles should adopt ranked-choice voting for its elections (

While charter cities in California can adopt ranked-choice voting by a public vote, general law cities can not.  SB 212 is a state bill co-sponsored by State Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) would grant cities, counties and local education agencies the ability to choose to conduct ranked choice voting elections (


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