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County Council, Green Party of Los Angeles County

The County Council is governing body for the Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC). The County Couhcil is elected every two years by Green Party members in the state primary election. The duties and responsibilities of the County Councilare defined in GPLAC bylaws Section 5.2 “Duties of the Council” and include party building strategies and tasks, internal and external communications, and representing the GPLAC to the Green Party of California (GPCA.

County Councilmembers 2020-2024
County Party Officers
Duties of the County Council
County Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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County Council on-line voting page (August 2019 - present)

How to Run for County Council
County Council Election Results (1992-present)
County Council members, 1992-present

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Other References

County Council on-line decision making minutes (2005-present)


GPCA State Coordinating Commitee members elected from Los Angeles Region (1990-2013)

GPLAC Committees
GPLAC Standing General Assembly Delegates
GPLAC Bylaws

GPLAC Rules and Procedures
GPLAC eRules for participation in GPLAC emails lists and web-based discussion forums

Green Party of Los Angeles County
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