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Minutes, GPLAC County Council meeting, July 10, 2016

Green Party of Los Angeles County • County Council Meeting Minutes
Sunday, July 11, 2016 • Tongva Park, 1615 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica
3pm: Pot luck vegetarian picnic
4pm: Gathering
5pm: Meeting

County Councilmembers in attendance (5): Tom Bibiyan, Mike Feinstein, Annie Goeke, Cordula Ohman, Linda Piera-Avila
County Councilmembers not in attendance (2): Daniel Alvarado, Cris Gutierrez
Other Greens in attendance (7): Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Tom Dumenjich, Gabe Gabrielsky, Ava Kermani, Ajay Rai, Candice Yamaguchi
Others in attendance (1): John Kawakami

Co-Facilitators: Marla Bernstein and Ajay Rai
Minutes: Mike Feinstein
Time Keeper:  Linda Piera Avila
Vibes Watcher: Cordula Ohman

4pm - Gathering

1. Welcome and Introductions - All attendees

All in attendance introduced themslves

2. Report: Treasurer’s report

Outgoing GPLAC Treasurer Doug Barnett reported on the GPLAC's finances

3. Discussion: Goals and Objectives of 2016-2020 County Council

A general discussion on goals and objectives occured with all present participating

5pm - Business items

4. Reviewing our process (two minutes)

Bernstein read relevant section of bylaws  Section 9.3 Participation

9.3.1 Open Meetings: With the consent of the Council, all members of the Green Party of Los Angeles County may participate in the 'Consensus-seeking Process' but only Council members may hold any 'unresolved concerns' and participate in any vote, should one become necessary.
9.3.2 County Council members shall receive priority in discussions, to ensure that they have time to a) seek clarifications. b) express their concerns and affirmations, and c) take a vote, if necessary. At the discretion of the facilitation

5. Action: Election of of GPLAC Co-Coordinators, Male/Female (fifteen Minutes)

Nominations - candidate (sponsor):

Rai (Feinstein)

Elected  by consensus

Bernstein (Barnett)

Elected by consensus

6. Action: Election of GPLAC Treasurer (ten minutes)

Nominations - candidate (sponsor):

Barnett (Piera-Avila)

Elected by consensus

7. Action: Election of GPLAC Secretary

Nominations - candidate (sponsor):

Feinstein (Piera-Avila)

Elected by consensus

8. Opportunity to amend agenda and/or add emergency items

Proposal (Piera-Avila): Add approved of South Central Farm statement as new item #11

Approved by consensus

Proposal (Feinstein): Add proposal to provide email support to support formation of an Eastside Greens local, as new item #13

Approved by consensus

9. Action: Remembering Cathy McKnight

Piera-Avila recounted and read a history of Cathy McKnight ( and her involvement with the Green Party; and how that led to a contribution to the Green Party by a friend of McKnight's

Proposal (Piera-Avila): Authorize Piera-Avila to write thank you letter to donor  

Approved by consensus

10. Action: Consideration of appointment to County Council to fill unfilled seats from June primary election

Doug Barnett, State Senate District 30

Appointed by consensus

Marla Bernstein, State Senate District 30

Appointed by consensus

Ajay Rai, State Senate District 30

Appointed by consensus

Adia Williams, State Senate District 30

Appointed by consensus

Ava Kermani, State Senate District 33

Appointed by consensus

11. Action: Authorize GPLAC letter opposing Final EIR for warehouse project at 4051 S. Alameda in Los Angeles

Proposal (Piera-Avila): That the County Council authorize Piera-Avila to write a GPLAC letter opposing Final EIR for warehouse project at 4051 S. Alameda in Los Angeles

Approved by consensus

Attachment: Text of the letter, sent July 14, 2016

12. Action: Set Future Meeting Schedule

Proposal (Feinstein): That the County Council meet approximately every six weeks, scheduling between eight and nine meetings a year, with the option for up to three of those meetings via teleconference. That the initial schedule by Sunday, July 10; Sunday, August 21; Sunday, October 2; Sunday, November 13; Sunday, December 18 (teleconference); that the August 21 meeting be held in Tongva Park in Santa Monica; that County Councilmembers return to the August 21 meeting with proposed locations for the October 2 and November 13 meetings;  and that the County Council revisit and extends this schedule no later than its November meeting.

Outstanding Concern, Stand-Aside (Barnett): Thinks we should meet more often

Approved by consensus, with one stand-aside

13. Action: Authorize use of GPLAC data base for email support to organize new Eastside Green local

Proposal (Feinstein): That under GPLAC Rules and Proceudres, the County Council authorize two email blasts to publicze organizing meetings to launch a new Green Party local on the Eastside of Los Angeles.

12. Discussion: Review of GPLAC web site, social media functionality

Rai reported on the GPCA and GPLAC's functionality with server space on Discussion centered on migrating existing static .html site to new Drupal site on

Feinstein reported on the GPLAC's social media - Twitter: Facebook (page):, (group)

13. Discussion: Report on Greens running in 2016 Neighborhood Council elections

Feinstein reported that eight Greens ran in 2016 Los Angeles Neighborhood Council elections, six were elected Of those elected one - Danielle Mead - is a well known and long-active Green in the party in the Los Angeles area.  The othes are all self-identified Greens who have not been active with the party, but who ran on their own, of which five were elected. Also, nine former Greens ran for LA Neighborhood Council who changed from Green to vote in the Democratic Party primary, of which four were elected. Three others who ran (two elected) are former Greens that registered Democrat two years ago.  

14. Discussion: Preparation for 2017 Los Angeles City Elections, including recruiting Green candidates

Discussion centered around running candidates for LA Mayor and City Council to promote electoral reform for LA City Council elections (more seats, elected by ranked-choice voting); and to provide a Green voter guide with positions on the Los Angeles City and County ballot measures.

15. Discussion: Hosting a public forum on the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative in Los Angeles before March 2017 elections

Discussion occured on the possiiblity of an early February public forum on the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (, but no decisions were taken.

16. Discussion: Update on GPCA plans to host 2017 GPUS Annual National Meeting in California, including a proposed Campaign School and National Latino Caucus in the LA area

Discussion reviewed the timeline approved by the GPCA General Assembly in May 2016 and on the upcoming GPUS process to solicit and approve bids for 2017

17. Discussion: Hearing from elected Greens in LA County

None were present, so next item was heard

18. Announcements

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