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DRAFT Agenda, GPLAC County Council meeting, June 4, 2017

Green Party of Los Angeles County - County Council Meeting Draft Agenda
Sunday, June 4, 2017
4344 Russell Ave., Los Angeles
Vegetarian potluck - bring your own, prepare to help with set up and break down

Co-Facilitators: Annie Goeke, Ajay Rai
Minutes: Mike Feinstein
Time Keeper: Linda Piera Avila
Vibes Watcher: to be determined

1) Welcome and Introductions - All attendees (ten minutes)

2) Opportunity to amend agenda and/or add emergency items (fifteen minutes)
Presenter: Facilitators
• Relevant By-Law 9-5.5 Once distributed, the Agenda may not be changed until the meeting. The time and order of already agendized items may be amended by a 3/5 vote.  New agenda items may be added by a 2/3 vote.

3) Report: Treasurer’s report (five minutes)
Sponsor/Presenter: Doug Barnett, GPLAC Treasurer

4) Discussion: Internal County Council/County Party organizing, including (120 minutes)

Assess our individual and collective talents/skills sets/resources/views of Green Party purpose and possibilities, set attainable goals for the next Council term, regarding the following, assign tasks and timeframes within which people report back on their progress
- Recruiting additional members to the County Council
- Building and recognizing Greens locals across Los Angeles County (and how that relates to building within State Senate Districts from which County Councilmembers are appointed)
- Use of GPLAC social media
- Use of GPLAC voter registration data base
- Administrative support for GPLAC web site, email lists
- Creating new county Green Party literature for outreach

5) Decision: Setting dates/locations of upcoming County Council meetings (twenty minutes)

6) Decision: Candidate recruitment plan for 2017/2018 (thirty minutes)

Planning for future elections in 2017/2018 and recruiting Green candidates,

7) Decision: GPLAC relations to GPCA (90 minutes)

Selecting GPLAC delegates to 2017-2017 GPCA Standing General Assembly
Selecting GPLAC delegates to June 2017 GPCA General Assembly
Voting for GPCA Coordinating Committee and GPCA GPUS Delegation in 2017 May/June GPCA Standing General Assembly

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