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Minutes, GPLAC County Council meeting, June 4, 2017

Green Party of Los Angeles County - County Council Meeting Minutes
Sunday, June 4, 2017
4344 Russell Ave., Los Angeles
Vegetarian potluck - bring your own, prepare to help with set up and break down

County Councilmembers present (10): Rachel Brunhke, Angelica Dueñas, Mike Feinstein, Cris Gutierrez,  Ava Kermani,  Aria Pakatchi, Linda Piera-Avila, Ajay Rai, Julia Russell, Matthew Wheeler

County Councilmembers not present (9): Daniel Alvarado, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Tom Bibiyan, Justine Berne Akley, Annie Goeke,  Cordula Ohman, Tyler Morrison, Adia Williams

Other Greens present: Wade Alexander, Echo Lynn

Co-Facilitators: Marla Bernstein, Ajay Rai
Minutes: Mike Feinstein
Time Keeper: Linda Piera Avila
Vibes Watcher:  Forgot who had that role

1) Welcome and Introductions - All attendees (ten minutes)

2) Opportunity to amend agenda and/or add emergency items (fifteen minutes)
Presenter: Facilitators
• Relevant By-Law 9-5.5 Once distributed, the Agenda may not be changed until the meeting. The time and order of already agendized items may be amended by a 3/5 vote.  New agenda items may be added by a 2/3 vote.

3) Report: Treasurer’s report

Sponsor/Presenter: Doug Barnett, GPLAC Treasurer

Barnett reported on the balance

4) Discussion: Internal County Council/County Party organizing, including (120 minutes)

Assess our individual and collective talents/skills sets/resources/views of Green Party purpose and possibilities, set attainable goals for the next Council term, regarding the following, assign tasks and timeframes within which people report back on their progress
- Recruiting additional members to the County Council
- Building and recognizing Greens locals across Los Angeles County (and how that relates to building within State Senate Districts from which County Councilmembers are appointed)
- Use of GPLAC social media
- Use of GPLAC voter registration data base
- Administrative support for GPLAC web site, email lists
- Creating new county Green Party literature for outreach

Discussion held on agenda topics

5) Decision: Setting dates/locations of upcoming County Council meetings (twenty minutes)

Proposal (Feinstein):

July 16, noon to four pm, Tongva Park, Santa MOnica
September 10, noon to four pm, at a site in the Antelope Valley identified by the Antelope Valley Greens
October 22, noon to 4pm, 4344 Russell Ave., Los Feliz

Approved by consensus

6) Decision: Candidate recruitment plan for 2017/2018 (thirty minutes)

Planning for future elections in 2017/2018 and recruiting Green candidates,

Proposal (Feinstein): Email blast  to be sent to Greens in Los Angeles, publicizing Neighbohrood Council races in spring 2018 , once in fall and once when the election schedule for filing in office comes out

Approved by consensus

Proposal (Feinstein): Email blast  to be sent to Greens in Los Angeles County, send in October and invite them to the County Council

Approved by consensus

Quorum lost at this point, discussion held on the following items

7) Decision: Selecting GPLAC delegates to 2016-2017 GPCA Standing General Assembly

Without quorum, this was put to an on-line vote after the meeting and the following were selected

Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Angelica Duenas, Mike Feinstein, Henoc Garcia, Ajay Rai, Matthew Wheeler

8) Discussion: Voting for GPCA Coordinating Committee and GPCA GPUS Delegation in 2017 May/June GPCA Standing General Assembly

DIscussion was held on priorities and rankings


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