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DRAFT: Agenda, GPLAC County Council meeting, December 13, 2020

DRAFT Green Party of Los Angeles County, County Council Meeting Agenda, Sunday, December 13, 2020
Teleconference information shared via County Council email list
Check in/socializing: 1:30pm to 2pm
Business meeting: 2pm to 5pm

Facilitators: Timeka Drew, Ajay Rai
Minutes: Mike Feinstein
Time Keeper:  Linda Piera-Avila
Vibes Watcher: Cordula Ohman

1. Welcome and Introductions - All attendees (ten minutes)
Very brief introductions, including role w/GPLAC County Council or otherwise with Green Party, or as outside observer

2. Reviewing our process (two minutes)
Presenter: Facilitators
• Relevant Bylaw: Section 9.3 Participation
9.3.1 Open Meetings: With the consent of the Council, all members of the Green Party of Los Angeles County may participate in the 'Consensus-seeking Process' but only Council members may hold any 'unresolved concerns' and participate in any vote, should one become necessary.
9.3.2 County Council members shall receive priority in discussions, to ensure that they have time to a) seek clarifications. b) express their concerns and affirmations, and c) take a vote, if necessary. At the discretion of the facilitation

3. Decision: Opportunity to amend agenda and/or add emergency items (five minutes)
Presenter: Facilitators

• Relevant By-Law
The agenda may be amended by a 3/5 vote of County Councilmember present. Emergency and/or late items may be added to the agenda by a 2/3 vote of County Councilmembers (in the interest of time, suggested amendments and their rationale should be offered on-line before the meeting)

Proposal (Feinstein): Add the items below with an *, in the order presented below.

4. Discussion: Treasurer's Report (ten minutes)
Sponsor/Presenter: Doug Barnett, GPLAC Treasurer; Ajay Rai, GPLAC Co-Coordinator

Background: At the November meeting, the County Council spoke about publishing weekly the GPLAC donation page on the GPLAC FB group.  Also Nationbuilder conducted this seminar

5. Decision: Approval of minutes of November 8 (five minutes)
Sponsor/Presenter: Mike Feinstein, GPLAC Secretary

Background: These draft minutes were posted to the County Council email list on December 6, 2020.  No amendments have been offered.

Proposal (Feinstein): Approve minutes of November 8, 2020

6: Discussion:  Using GPLAC email list for agenda information  (five minutes)
Sponsors/Presenters: Rai, Feinstein

7. Discussion: Report back from Westridge School presentation (three minutes)
Sponsor/Presenter: Drew, Feinstein

8: Discussion:  Update on status of GPLAC contact data base (ten minutes)
Sponsors/Presenters: Rai, Feinstein

9: Decision: Email Blast Authorization (ten minutes)
Sponsors:  Mike Feinstein 

Background: GPLAC Rules and Procedures provide for the County Council to authorize email blasts using the GPLAC contact data base.

Proposal (Feinstein): Authorize email blast to registered Greens in LA County, to promote news of new Green Mayor of Baldwin Park Emmanuel Estrada and to use this an opportunity to solicit donations.

10. Discussion: GPLAC Candidate Questionnaire - Endorsement of Green Candidates (15 minutes)

Background: At its September 2020 meeting, the GPLAC talked about how to make its candidate endorsement process more clear - in particular to include information on the timeline for Greens running for state and federal office to seek endorsement in order to be listed as endorsed in the official Voter Information Guide by the LA County Registrar.  

This updated draft website is available for review and comment.

11. Discussion: Update on Neighborhood Council 2021 elections candidate outreach (15 minutes)
Sponsors/Presenters: Danielle Mead, David Rockello, Mike Feinstein

Background: GPLAC outreach has been to email 2690 registered Greens in the City of Los Angeles and promote via GPLAC social media  Also DSA Neighborhood Council candidate training December 18

These are the candidates that have filed so far.

12. Discussion: Preserving GPCA ballot status strategy and 2022 races (20 minutes)
Sponsors: Timeka Drew, Mike Feinstein 


Announcement from Kenneth Mejia:  I'm running for Los Angeles City Controller in 2022! I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and housing justice activist born and raised in Los Angeles! The City Controller is the elected Chief Accounting Officer, Auditor, and Paymaster of the city. We can all agree that the more transparent and accessible the City’s finances are, the easier it is to determine where our city’s priorities lie and where they should be. Through our campaign for City Controller, we hope to bring Angelenos together to reimagine a better Los Angeles by engaging people with the City’s finances. This is our money, our city, and together, we will hold power accountable. Join us at

13. Discussion: Review of GPCA General Assemby and GPCA Standing General Assembly (SGA) agenda items (15 minutes)​
Sponsors: Timeka Drew, Ajay Rai

Background: This item is to provide a review the GPCA Standing General Assembly and the GPCA SGA Pandemic platform plank.

14. ​Discussion: Hearing from Greens interested in joining the County Council (20 minutes)
Sponsors: Timeka Drew, Ajay Rai



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